Hi dreamcometrue Ceo boss man here Andy,


All sales are final and tracking will be available after shipping.


The beanie item is listed as a preorder in the description and in my videos meaning it is a pre-production item and was stated that it would take 4-6 weeks to manufacture before shipping.


Expected to ship mid May if bought during first drop

and Late-May if bought during restock


Why a preorder system? This method keeps costs low for both me and buyers while also providing more accurate order quantities for the shop. 


Shipping after the products are manufactured will be according to the calculated shipping you received at check out. 


All sales are final and are currently being manufactured, status updates will be posted to on both tiktok and instagram.


Only changes I am able to make are address changes. 


Thank you for your patience and for your support. 


I understand the long manufacturing times are daunting but I made sure to put it in the description as a precaution before purchasing. I run this company with just the help of my mom, and therefore we use the preorder method as our way of fulfilling orders and again as a way to keep costs low for us and for you the buyer.